Does Your Loved One Need Drug Detox or Rehab?

Discovering that a loved one has a drug abuse problem is never easy. Trying to get them help can be even harder. If the person is admitting they have a problem and asking for help it can be a bit easier, but it is still going to take a lot of work, dedication, and patience. You are going to need to decide the best way to get them free of the drug and to ensure they do not go back to using it again. Trying to do all this without professional help may be almost impossible. The first thing you need to do is decide if they need to go to a hospital or other detoxification facility or to a rehabilitation center. 


The truth is, detoxification is often the first step on the way to recovery. When the abuse has gotten to the point where reducing the drug intake even a little is painful and causes severe withdrawal symptoms, you should definitely send them to a detox center. This can be a hospital or a facility that is strictly for the detoxification of drugs. You may not be allowed to visit with your loved one while they are coming off the drug, so be prepared to call the facility to get updates and find out when you can go see them. Keep in mind, this is not going to be pleasant for the patient, and they may be mean or even aggressive toward you even if they asked for help. If they did not ask for help, getting them into detox can only happen with a court order or if they need to be hospitalized for an overdose or other problem.


Rehabilitation is generally helping the patient learn what triggers them to want the drug and how to avoid these triggers or how to cope with them. It can be an inpatient situation when the patient needs to come clean and quit taking them or an outpatient situation when the patient has no more of the chemical in their system but needs help staying clean. It will consist of different types of counseling and therapy. It is a good idea if you can attend some type of counseling sessions with them. This will not only let them know that you are behind them and will help them, but it will also give you important insight into what is going on with your loved one.

Speak with your loved one. If they are going to need medical help to get the drugs out of their system, start with a detoxification facility. If they have been able to slowly decrease the drugs on their own, a rehab canter is a great option to help keep them on track and is going to be less traumatic. For more information about addiction recovery services contact businesses like The Lakes Treatment Center.