Challenges You May Face When Seeking Custody Of Your Grandkids

If you are considering fighting for legal rights of your grandchildren, you should carefully consider how this will affect you and your grandkids. It is not easy for grandparents to raise their grandkids, but this is often better than leaving kids in a bad situation or allowing them to be placed in foster homes. As you determine whether you should proceed or not, there are several challenges you may encounter that you should be aware of if the court gives you legal custody of these kids.


While this can be a huge undertaking for you to assume, it's more important to think about the effects this will have on your grandkids. As much as they probably long to be treated well and in a good, happy environment, moving to your house can still be a huge change. This change often leads to confusion and a variety of other problems.

Your grandkids will most likely feel confused as to why this has happened and about what to expect in the future. They may feel confusion simply from moving out of the only environment they have ever really known. Seeking help from counseling services for you and the kids is a great way to deal with this effect.

Acting out

You should also understand that your grandkids will not only be confused, but they may also be angry about the situation. These feelings in kids often lead to acting out. They may cry or throw fits a lot, and they may become defiant when you ask them to do something. These things can occur at home and at school, and this is completely normal for kids that are removed from their home.

Here are a few things you can do that may help reduce the negative ways your grandchildren respond to this situation:

  • Love them – You cannot love these kids too much. They have gone through a lot, and they need to feel understood, accepted, and loved.
  • Be consistent – While parenting your grandkids may be tough, the better you are at consistency will only help the situation. Try to develop a schedule and stick to it, and try to help the children fully understand the boundaries and rules in the household.

It will take time for your grandkids to adjust to a new way of life, and this will require a lot of hard work, but it will be worth it in the long run. If you are considering fighting for custody of your grandkids and would like advice, contact a family lawyer in your area today.